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Leigh-on-Sea.Community.Looking Back.Culture.Connections. was born on 20th May 2000. As a IT worker I love all things technical and developing a web-site seemed like a good idea, especially as I had purchased the domain name for email use. Version 1 of my site was created using Microsoft’s Front-page software which at the time was probably the easiest web-design software available.  The original site was designed for a 56Kbps modems, so though there were a few pictures, the content was quite restricted. Needless to say this new site exploits today’s vast broadband speeds giving the viewer more and higher quality images as well as I hope greater interactive content.
in the beginning

The original web-site had a simple statement of intent: to provide an easy to read format with clear navigation throughout and to provide family orientated content that is both interesting and informative. I hope I have managed to meet the same standard throughout this new 2011 site design.


Introducing the 2013 site design. The site has been created using a web-design product called Serif WebPlus X4. This product has proven to be intuitive and capable of producing a web-site out of a box with the broad design of this site based on one of their templates. In honest I pick the product because it’s simply good value from money. 80% of the site’s content is aimed at presenting Leigh the town and its people, the remaining content has been included to give you a more complete and rounded view of this seaside resort. All the pictures are taken by local people and the information extracted from various resources including the local press, books and from the author’s local knowledge.  If you have any comments about the site or interesting facts about Leigh please (please) do email