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Lady Olivia Sparrow founds the first education establishment in Leigh called Herschell School after the Rev. Ridley Herschell. The school consisted of three departments, Boys, Girls, Infants and was finally closed down in 1913 after a several educational changes... more







The Pilgrims were the English settlers who founded Plymouth Colony, the first permanent European settlement in New England, America. They were originally known as the Forefathers and occasionally Founders; the term Pilgrim was first used to describe them in the writings of colonist William Bradford.... more






St Clements Church is located off Leigh Hill on the upper cliffs overlooking Old Leigh. This section of these cliffs is the only part in Leigh that has not suffered from subsidence; this interesting fact can only be explained in one of two ways... more



St Clements Church
The Pilgrim Fathers
Time Line



During World War II it was necessary to evacuate the British Expeditionary force (created in 1908) and other allied forces from Dunkirk (Dunkerque) who were cut off by the German forces. An armada of civilian and naval boats, RAF fighter cover and poor judgment of Hitler halting his forces advance - saved 198,000 British and 140,000 French and Belgium troops. The Leigh cockle men... more




The Dunkirk Spirit



Leigh Rectory, now Leigh library, resides on the upper part of the cliffs overlooking Leigh old town on The Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea. This building was commissioned by Robert Eden...  more





Leigh Library (The Rectory)