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The Landscape
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Why Visit Leigh?
Leigh is a costal town built on the Thames Estuary off the North Sea. From sandy beaches and marshland a trip up “The Cliffs” brings you too a picturesque town full of restaurants, pubs and small niche shops. Spreading out from the town centre are many residential properties broken up by trees & parks.
As of 2001: 9,015 people live in Leigh with 5606 people at working age. Leigh’s within the Borough of Southend with a population of 158,800 people and 74,300 households. In 2004 unemployment was at 2.9%. There are approximately 468 km of highways and 13 km of sea -defences.   
A beautiful National Nature Reserve, 6 parks and one a golf course is reason enough to visit Leigh. When you add a 15th Century Church, the sadly now closed Grand Hotel (once visited by Laurel and Hardy), a family beach, a warm summer’s day and cold beer in Old Leigh... it’s even easy to stay!   

Leigh-on-Sea can be found on the South Coast of the British Isles approximately 35 miles from London, in the County  of Essex. Leigh can be reached by car by leaving Junction 29 of the M25 onto the A127 towards Southend. This site profiles Leigh’s character by touching on its history, the arts, its people and local industry such as fishing and tourism. The drop-down menu system I hope will direct you, the virtual visitor, quickly and easily to the main areas of interest. The search facility should also help if you have a specific interest. For the fact finders amongst you, source material includes the census, local authors and press, so accuracy should be reasonable or at least based on a consensus view. If you wish to contribute to the site please do email the webmaster. Thank you so much for visiting!   

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